Eve & Darrell Engagement Session in Hyde Park, Perth, WA.

I love these two silly billies!!! Thank you for the most fun and whimsical shoot I’ve been a part of. It’s so cool seeing you both be comfortable with each other.


Q: Tell us your full proposal story. When did it happen? How were you feeling? Did you expect it?

Darrell: It actually happened on Evelyn’s birthday! Started off with heading to the tattoo expo and indulging in a couple tattoos. We then headed back to ours, where I cooked a 5-course Japanese inspired dinner to celebrate her birthday with her only criteria being that I cook items that I have never cooked before (no pressure I guess). After feeding her to her absolute limit, I surprised her with a gift that she had wanted for a while, and to her extra surprise there was something hidden inside!

From my perspective, I was not nervous at all about her answer, I knew she would say yes as we had discussed our future plans together and we had designed the ring together. I was more nervous about cooking a bad meal!

She expected it to some extent, as she knew I had the ring and I told her it was going to be in the last 3 months of the year, but I had also told a little white lie and said it would not be on a special occasion. That did not prevent her from being in a state of shock and bursting into tears immediately after seeing the ring though and fortunately, she still said yes!


Q: What’s been your favourite part about being engaged?

D: Honestly, fortunately for Evelyn and I, nothing has really changed. We have been lucky enough that our relationship has grown organically and that we have also grown together that we have been in a “married” relationship without the title. That being said, I think Evelyn’s forearm has gotten a bit bigger from having to carry that ring around on her finger.


Q: What are your current plans for your wedding day?

D: We will be getting married in Bali! Started off as a joke when Evelyn saw a reel on Instagram, but ended up becoming very real when we did a bit more research into it. It made sense to reduce travel for our family who are spread across South-East Asia, but also gives our family and friends a reason to have a proper holiday! Plus, who wouldn’t want an excuse to have a destination wedding.

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