jeremy & Jane Engagement Session in Hyde Park, William Street, Perth, WA.

Q: Tell us your full proposal story. When did it happen? How were you feeling? Did you expect it?

Jeremy & Jane: Jeremy proposed to Jane in Taiwan in Shifen. Jeremy was planning the day as Shifen is a very popular location to release Fortune Sky Lanterns and planned it so that as the lantern was floating away and Jane watching it float away distracted, Jeremy would go down on one knee. Jeremy was very nervous no matter how many times he rehearsed the proposal line in his mind, the nerves built up throughout the day until that moment. Jane was not expecting it to happen at all and with multiple things happening around at the moment she was overwhelmed with emotions and let out a few tears of joy.


Q: What’s been your favourite part about being engaged?

J&J: Having been together for almost ten(10) years we felt like we were engaged already and have been living our lives as normal but now we are overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and thoughts of wedding planning.


Q: What are your current plans for your wedding day?

Chinese wedding door games
Tea ceremony
Wedding ceremony at a garden (Venue to be decided)
Reception Dinner at Moon Flower Modern Chinese Restaurant

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