Josh & Deborah Lightbox, Sungai Buloh, Selangor, Malaysia

I need to explain how much of an honour it was to document this wedding. Josh and Deborah are my mentors and have been for years. You know, they’re the type of people you look up to because they know when to call you out and show you compassion. I grew maturely under their guidance and love, and to them, I owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

So when Josh and Deborah asked if I’d be their wedding photographer, I said yes without hesitation. It has been in my heart for a while now and’d also mark the journey of my first international wedding.

Malaysia is known for its humid, tropical climate. However, this wasn’t an issue thanks to Lightbox’s indoor air-conditioned venue, which was a massive blessing for someone who sweats like me. Deborah’s bridesmaids, a team of her long-time friends, were dressed in shades of burnt orange. Josh donned a beautiful dark green suit that I rarely see anyone pull off so well. Each side has their parents assist with helping them get ready, and you could feel the adoration between children and parents as they soak in the moment.

The highlight of the wedding for me was when the whole room exploded in applause as Deborah walked in, accompanied by her parents. About 200 guests were in attendance, with most of them flying in from Singapore and Australia to be there. Paired with the song “All Along by ELEVATION RHYTHM”, I’ve never felt more emotional.

To Josh and Deborah:

I’m so grateful to have been in the room and be your photographer for this milestone. I cannot wait to see you both again in person, and I hope to soon carry your babies in my arms! I love you both very, very much.

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this memorable day!

Celebrant: @markvarughese
Dress Boutique & Designer: @aftertwelvegown
Florist: @jennjoni1983
Hair Stylist: @jovmakeup
Suit Designer: @davidcotailor
Venue: @lightbox_lightgrey
Videographer: @whataboutsean @chiahsyin
Caterer: @big_rajah
Engagement Ring: @pointerjewellers
Wedding Planner: @joelcjchew

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