Mariel & Murphy Engagement Session in Hyde Park, William Street, Perth, WA.

What a joy it was to photograph these two! I’ve known Mariel for years now and to see her finally be with someone who takes great care of her makes me beam with joy. Love you both and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!


Q: Tell us your full proposal story. When did it happen? How were you feeling? Did you expect it?

Mariel: This happened in July 2023. In a place called Golden Valley tree park. we went on a mini hike and reached the peak of the valley. it was beautiful. All these while, Murphy’s shoe lace keeps coming undone. And I thought this was another episode of his shoes lace being undone, I just turned away and enjoyed the view. That is where he called my name and ask me to marry him. I felt really happy. I did expect a proposal on the trip, but wasn’t sure where and when it was gonna happen. That was the surprise.


Q: What’s been your favourite part about being engaged?

M: My favourite part was the journey of how we reached this point. Reflecting on the journey that we both went through. How tough it was especially with the LDR and border closure, resulting with us not meeting for 2.5 years. and we made it, engaged and ready for marriage


Q: What are your current plans for your wedding day?

M: A wedding end of this year, in Malaysia. With friends and family that we love.

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