Sujarty & Callum Yanchep Cabaret Cave, Yanchep, WA

Sujarty and Callum’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love, set amidst the stunning natural beauty of Yanchep National Park. The couple exchanged their vows in an intimate ceremony surrounded by the lush greenery of the park, before moving on to their reception at the Yanchep Cabaret Cave.

The ceremony was held in a picturesque clearing in the park, with the sunlight filtering through the trees and casting a warm glow over the proceedings. Sujarty looked radiant in a flowing white gown, while Callum looked dashing in a crisp navy suit. The couple’s friends and family looked on as they exchanged heartfelt vows, promising to love and support each other through all of life’s ups and downs.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests made their way to the Yanchep Cabaret Cave, where the reception was to be held. The cave was a stunning location for the celebration, with its unique rock formations and twinkling lights creating a magical ambiance. The couple had decorated the space with simple yet elegant touches, including floral arrangements and candles, which perfectly complemented the natural beauty of the cave.

The reception was a lively affair, with guests enjoying delicious food, drinks, and dancing the night away. The couple’s first dance was a beautiful moment, with the cavernous space of the cave adding to the romance of the occasion. As the night wore on, the atmosphere became more and more festive, with guests laughing, chatting, and having a great time.

Sujarty and Callum’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of their love, set against the stunning backdrop of Yanchep National Park and the Yanchep Cabaret Cave. The couple’s attention to detail and their love of nature were evident in every aspect of the day, from the ceremony to the reception. It was a truly special occasion that will be remembered by all who were lucky enough to be there.


To Sujarty and Callum:

Sujarty and Callum, from the day we met I knew that this was going to be a special wedding for me. Seeing how much Callum loves you, Sujarty, and how much you look up to him (literally) tells me about how important it is to fall in love with your best friend. I wish you guys the very best, and I can’t wait for the little Millers to fill your lives with joy!

A huge thanks to those who made Sujarty and Callum’s day extra special!

Photographer: @kennyngooweddings
Venue: Yanchep Inn
Celebrant: @laurengandinicelebrations
Videographer: @kennyngooweddings
Make Up Artist: @karolina_makeup_artist
Hair Stylist: Tash Maree Hair design
DJ: @majesticdj
Florist: @midlandflorists

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