The Essentials 101: Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in any couple’s life. From picking out the perfect venue to choosing a dream dress, there are so many decisions to make! One of the most critical choices is deciding who will capture all those special moments. Selecting the right wedding photographer can be daunting, but don’t fear!

Not sure how to begin the interview with the wedding photographer of your choice? You can limit your selections regarding everything you need to know by using this list of questions to ask your photographer.

1. Availability

  • Are you available on my wedding day?

Knowing ahead of time whether or not the photographer has other commitments that could interfere with shooting your wedding allows you to plan accordingly and find another option if needed. It is also important to inquire about their schedule so you can book them far enough in advance and ensure they can attend all parts of your wedding, from getting ready with the bride and groom through reception events such as cutting the cake and even after for pictures with guests.

2. Background Check

  • When did you begin photographing weddings? How many weddings have you photographed
  • Do you often photograph weddings similar to the ones we’re planning in terms of size and style?
  • Can I look at some example galleries from a few of your most recent weddings?

A thorough background check allows you to research the photographer’s experience, portfolio examples, and customer reviews to determine if they are the right fit for your wedding. You can also contact other couples who have used their services in order to get an unbiased opinion about them. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the person behind the lens is experienced enough to capture all those special moments throughout your big day without any issues.

    3. Style

    • How would you describe your photography style?
    • What best describes the way you work? Do you prefer to be more prominent and in charge when directing photos, or do you prefer to blend into the background to catch candid moments?
    • Do you shoot digitally? With film? Or both?

    It is important for couples to know the style of their wedding photographer when planning for their special day. A couple’s wedding day photos will be a lasting memory and having the right photographer to capture those moments is essential. Knowing your photographer’s style can help ensure you get what you want out of your wedding photos.

      4. Pricing and Packages

      • What are the photography packages you offer? How many hours are included in each package?
      • Is it possible for you to create a bespoke package to fit my needs?
      • Do you include pre-wedding sessions in your packages?
      • Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance?

      The packages offered by each photographer vary widely, and while some may offer more services than others, there are certain features that should always be included in any photography package. The most common feature is unlimited hours of coverage during the wedding ceremony and reception. It is equally important to understand the packages so you can make sure you get the best services that are fit for your budget and needs.

        5. Prints and Albums

        • Can we place a direct order for prints or albums from you?
        • What kind of albums are available? Do you offer assistance with picture selection and album design?
        • Do your products contain albums or prints? How many prints or pages are included, and how long does it take to produce them?
        • When will we get the pictures from the wedding? Where will they be sent?
        • Are the photos going to be available online? How long?

        The quality of prints and albums from your photographer can make a huge difference in how well those memories are preserved over time. Quality printing will ensure that colors stay vibrant while proper matting and framing protect against moisture damage, scratches, fading, or other wear and tear. Ask to view samples before booking a photographer so you have an idea of what kind of work they produce.

          6. Logistics

          • What amount of a deposit do you need? When is it due?
          • Do you take installments as payment?
          • What are your cancellation and refund policies?
          • What is the backup plan if you are unable to shoot my wedding for an unexpected reason?
          • Can we provide a list of the specific shots we would like?
          • Are you going to post about our wedding on your website and social media accounts?

          It’s in everyone’s best interest to be upfront about expectations before signing a contract with your photographer. Contracts should clearly outline expectations regarding services provided including how many hours of coverage will be needed, the number of photos delivered, the expected turnaround time for pictures, as well as any other relevant details or requests from either side.

            Remember, selecting a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your big day. Choose someone whose style appeals to you and who will capture the memories you want to remember for a lifetime. Be sure to ask questions about their portfolio, packages, and availability before making your final decision. Don’t be afraid to negotiate on pricing.

            Above all, remember that pictures are forever, so investing in quality photography is an investment in your lasting memories.

            If you are still in the planning stages of your wedding, and are struggling to find a wedding photographer who can not only help you capture those memories you are after, but also reduce the amount of stress throughout the day, please reach out! I am here to help and support your journey.