Vanessa & Nigel Modern Sandalford Winery Wedding in Perth, WA

Vanessa and Nigel wanted a wedding where they could host all of the family and friends they wanted to share their special day with. They then fell in love with the intimate and private location of Hill House and Sandalera Room, both located within Sandalford Winery in Swan Valley.

The weather forecast before was not promising, as it looked to rain during the ceremony. However, the blessing came as the cloud covers became a shelter from the heat and the sun, and the rain did not fall. It became such a beautiful day as we watched Vanessa and Nigel tie the knot in Hill House, Sandalford. My favourite moment of the wedding was when the celebrant, Andrew Pickering asked “Now, who has the rings?” and Forest (Vanessa’s Golden Retriever) ran down the aisle with the ring in a bag tied to his collar. That was definitely the cutest ring bearer I have ever seen.

Vanessa and Nigel fully trusted their vendors and I to organise and capture their wedding day, and Amber the Stylist Queen surprised them with her wonderful transformation of the Sandalera Room, filling it to the brim with the most luxurious flower display. Amber also created the bouquet for Vanessa and her Bridesmaids, as well as coordinating the day herself. Amber, if you are reading this, here’s a deepest thank you from me as you’ve helped the day flow so smoothly. Vanessa also wanted her summer wedding to have ice cream, and she surprised all of her guests with mouthwatering gelato from Chicho Gelato.

To Vanessa and Nigel:

To say that you are one of my favourite couples is an understatement. The sunshine that both of you brought into my life impacted making me feel loved, even outside of your wedding day. Vanessa, your joyfulness and generosity has greatly touched my heart. Nigel, your humour is on another level, and despite our drastic difference in extraversion levels, you made me feel warm and welcomed. Thank you for trusting me to capture your day, and I hope you love the photos from the day.

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