Yeng Yeng & Eng Mandurah Cruises, Madurah WA, Australia

One of the great things about being a wedding photographer is meeting all sorts of beautiful people and hearing their stories. Yeng and Eng’s story was one that I knew I wanted to document the moment I heard it. They are two people from completely different stages in life, and on a faithful day, they met up after matching on a dating app!

Fun fact: Did you know that Yeng Yeng met Eng when she was bald? Talk about the boldness! (the pun was almost intended there)

Yeng Yeng and Eng came to me with a very interesting wedding proposition. Their dream was to get married in Perth and have a small wedding with their closest guests on a cruise! How cool is that! On top of that, they knew that their wedding cake had to be made from durian!

Naturally, I said yes to being their photographer, as I don’t hesitate ever when Durian is involved.

The day started off with a traditional Chinese gate crash, which, if you aren’t familiar with it, involves the groom completing a series of games to win his ultimate prize: his beautiful bride.

The ceremony was held on a Mandurah Cruise boat, and officiated by a very close friend of theirs who was also a Pastor. They began the ceremony with a ring-warming moment, where each of the guests held the ring box in their hands and prayed blessings over it. Yeng Yeng and Eng then sang hymns, heard a sermon and exchanged rings.

The reception was held down below on the cruise boat, with a spread laid out for the guests to enjoy. The entire night was filled with love and laughter, accompanied by a beautiful sunset. It was really a wedding to remember.

One of my highlights of the day was seeing how beautiful Yeng looks in her dress. She knew that she wanted some Beauty and the Beast’s influence in her gown and chose to have light blue sleeves and a train as part of her dress. Truly the most amazing DIY idea I’ve ever seen.

To Yeng Yeng and Eng:

Thank you so much for your love and connection with me. I feel like such close friends with the two of you, and I look forward to hosting you both again when you revisit Perth soon. Praying for a blessed marriage over you both!

A huge thanks to those who made Yeng Yeng and Eng’s day extra special!

Couple: @symonelee & @engediming
Dress Boutique: @precious_wedding
Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist: @hadarah_hairandmakeup
Venue: @mandurahcruises

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